HUBISLAB is a professional skin research and development brand based on Human Bio Sciences that aims to maintain healthy and beautiful skin throughout human life.

Moisture Max Line

Moisture Max Line provides long-lasting hydration and revitalization to the skin through the 3 steps moisturizing system (hydrating, nourishing, protecting) by supplying not only moisture, but also nourishment and protection to dry, rough skin

Premium Active Line

Premium Active Line improves skin that loses elasticity due to stress and external environment by supplying tightening effects and rich nourishment to help to achieve firm skin.

Post Rays Line

Post Rays Line reinforces and protects skin that has undergone professional skin care treatment. It is specially formulated to strengthen and safeguard your skin internally before treatment and to soothe and restore it after treatment.

Pure Balance Line

Pure Balance Line is designed to revitalize your skin by removing impurities and make-up residue and by balancing the skin’s pH level.

Koreaanse Skin Care

We are here to guide you through the procedure on how to use HUBISLAB products, which offer the highest quality and best service that are safe for human body.

Voor Professionele Behandeling

Acne Behandeling

Hydratatie Behandeling

Wetenschap & Technologie

HUBISLAB unique technology adapts skin biology theory and clinical testingthrough MITT (Macromolecule Intracellular Transduction Technology), our products are designed to deliverhelpful ingredients deep into the skin and maximize their effects.

Macromolecular Transduction Domain

MITT : Macromolecule Intracellular Transduction Technology
MTD : Macromolecule Transduction Domain
Cargo : Therapeutic macromolecular substance

Therapeutic macromolecular material

Therapeutic antibodies
Recombinant proteins
siRNA or DNA

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